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                Media Center
                Poly Supporting the Global Battle against COVID-19
                “Good friends feel close to each other even when they are separated by vast distance.”Cooperation and mutual assistance in tough times have become the main themes of ensuring victory in the global battle against the pandemic. In order to prevail over the pandemic, as a central enterprise in a major country, Poly has also shown its responsibility in the battl...Learn More>
                Poly Group Holds A Video Conference  on Overseas Pandemic Prevention and Control
                On April 27, Poly Group held a video conference on overseas pandemic prevention and control, so as to convey and implement the content and guideline of SASAC special video conference on the pandemic prevention and control of state-owned enterprises and mobilize the next step to implement thorough infection screening outside China. Xu Niansha, Secretary of CP...Learn More>
                Poly Group Takes Various Measures for Overseas Epidemic Prevention and Control Work
                At present, the situation of overseas epidemics is becoming increasingly serious. Poly Group quickly made a deployment. On March 13, the Poly epidemic prevention and control leading group held an emergency meeting which decided to set up an overseas epidemic prevention and control working group and issued a notice of guaranteeing overseas epidemic prevention...Learn More>
                Xv Niansha: Poly’s most valuable experience is the construction of a high-quality workforce
                Xu Niansha, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Poly Group, talked about his feelings since the outbreak of the new crown,“I’ve been through many things, but this time is such an usual experience that I experienced together with the comrades of Poly. It is the high-quality workforce behind Poly that helped us accomplished these unusual tasks”.Learn More>
                Who we are
                China Poly Group Corporation is a large central state-owned enterprise under the supervision and administration of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC). It was founded in February 1992 with the approval of the... Learn More>
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